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About Us

Chaverim of the Five Towns and Rockaways. Chaverim 5T/R is a 100% volunteer organization.

It was created to aid people with minor car problems and has grown to help people in many tough situations. Chaverim 5T/R responds to typical calls ranging from keys locked inside vehicles, flat tires, cars not starting or out-of-gas, to some unconventional emergencies such as homeowners being locked out of their house or pulling a car out of the sand.

Members of Chaverim 5T/R start their day as early as the first neighborhood risers in the morning, and end as late as the last person getting home.

In other words, it is a 24/6 organization. All of the members offer their time and services because they care and want to help a neighbor in need. No compensation, simply pure chesed.

It all started one day about fifteen years ago when someone from Far Rockaway was in Brooklyn and locked his keys in his car. He was amazed that there was an organization called Chaverim that came to his immediate help. He took this as a sign that perhaps he should start a Chaverim locally. A few dedicated people from Far Rockaway got together and eventually founded Chaverim of The Five Towns and Rockaways.

Since its start, Chaverim 5T/R has quickly grown to cover thousands of calls a year and is continuously expanding the work they perform. They are recognized by both the New York and Nassau County Police Departments.

When calling Chaverim 5T/R, the first line of help is offered by one of the 30 volunteer dispatchers. A detailed message is sent out to all of the 75 members to find who is the closest and most conveniently available. At times, an additional volunteer is needed for backup assistance, and in urgent cases, such as a child locked in a car, all available members drop what they are doing and run to help as quickly as possible.

EIN 36-4532272


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